Professional advisory

  • Professionally trained team of employees, offering advisory in the selection of material and able to answer all technical questions regarding a specific topic.
  • Consultations for the selection of appropriate product range for your project.
  • Preparation of a price proposal, including services (transportation, floor laying, assembly of terraces, kitchens, etc, help in the preparation and drafting of a plan for the construction of roof understructure).

Additionally, we offer the following services to our existing and new business partners:

  • Our dealers will help you with the selection of appropriate product range for your store.
  • They will offer training and may train you and the staff of the store.
  • They propose the manner of goods presentation.
  • In the event of a need for entry into storage, they will cooperate in the selection of the
    best-selling sizes and finishes.
  • They will regularly inform you on the current situation in traded product ranges, and about the news on offer.
  • We are ready to help in the preparation of materials and dealing with your customers.
  • Seznámí Vás se všemi možnostmi komunikace s námi, včetně moderního ASKO portálu.
  • They will inform you on all communication means with us, including the modern ASKO portal.