Terraces and facades

Wooden terraces

Terraces are extraordinarily resistant, dimensionally stable and sustainably renewable. Excellently workable wood with the highest possible resistance against timber boring insects guarantees useful lives of no less than 25 years.


WPC systems

WPC Kovalex terraces

Kovalex Wood Plastic Composite is a combination of excellent ratio of wooden fibre (70%) and high quality harmless HDPE polymer (30%).

WPC Unvoc terraces

UNVOC terraces offer a modern design of two-colour extruded lath with wood imitation. It is
a combination of wooden fibres (70%) with harmless HDPE polymer (30%).
Colours: dark grey, grey and brown, brown, chocolate brown


Terrace care

Your terrace needs a regular care to look like a new one as long as possible. We will be happy to advise you how to take care of your terrace and we will offer you products required for maintenance.



Wooden facades

Our offer includes a wide range of wooden facades from various materials and of various sizes. Our professional staff will help you to select the most adequate solution for you. We have 90% of products available in our warehouse and ready to purchase.


Facade care

To slow down the oxidation (loss of colour), we recommend treating wood with appropriate products developed for the terrace laths treatment. It is ideal to apply the first layer before the assembly, on all sides. Over time, surface filarial cracks may appear on the wood that are a natural property of wood (response to changes in outside temperature and air humidity).