Paints and assembly materials, connection fittings

A basic need of each timber is its protection and subsequent maintenance. For these purposes, our offer includes FAXE and Ciranova brands products.

Products of the renowned Danish FAXE manufacturer operating on the market since 1926 focus on the interiors and exteriors. Products for the exteriors include terrace oils, oils for garden furniture, cleaners for terrace planks, colour paints for exterior timber products (floorboards, facades, fence timber, planks, sawn timber), impregnation products and protections and cleaners for WPC and rattan products. Interior products include range from oils for wooden floors, solid wax oils, oils for table boards and surfaces to soap detergents, active elements for maintenance, special stain removers, patina, special and universal pickling agents.

Ciranova brand products include product range for surface treatment and maintenance of wooden floors and exterior elements including garden furniture, floorboards, fence timber and other planed products.