Fuel wood

Briquettes, pellets and fuel wood

Our offer includes three types of fuel, specifically: wooden briquettes, wooden pellets and fuel wood.

RUF HARD wooden briquettes may be used in almost all types of heaters. They are made only from quality pure wooden sawdust of hardwood trees (beech, oak). The natural material is dried and is pressed without any glues under high pressure. One package contains 10 kg with package insert including the information. One pallet weighs 960 kg.

Wooden pellets are made from auxiliary products of wood manufacturing, and thus are an environmentally friendly and renewable fuel. The extraordinary pure superfine quality is achieved by the manufacturing of only chips, woodchips and sawdust. Pellets are characterised by a high content of energy and very low amount of residual dust. Pellets hold the A1 certification category in accordance with EN ISO 17225-2/ENplus-A1. One package weighs 15 kg. One pallet weighs 975 kg.

Fuel wood split and coniferous is a basic type of the used heating fuel. Our offer includes beech and oak wood, or mix of woods. The size of split parts is approximately 33 cm, the size of a pallet to one space cordwood metre.