Floors and accessories

Laminate flooring

It has been a long time since laminate flooring gained its unique position alongside three-layer flooring and solid wood flooring not only due to its high resistance and easy maintenance of the surface thanks to which it is suitable for complex demands in heavy duty rooms.
Laminate floating flooring is a multi-layer floor covering combining mechanic firmness and insulation properties of the subbase with resistance and good appearance of the cover layer. At present, laminate flooring is perceived a precious alternative to real wood floors.


Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring allows the use of attractive decors in rooms where you could so far only dream of them. Thanks to its waterproof character it is an ideal solution for bathrooms and kitchens. Household of severe allergy sufferers where above standard cleanness is necessary using strong detergents now may have a trendy look thanks to vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring is easy to lay and maintain, it boasts of flexibility, resistance and is available in a wide range of decors.


Wooden flooring

effect. Wooden flooring is the top of the floor quality in living space. It combines tradition with quality of the used material and state-of-the-art technology for a reasonable price. A great advantage is the fact that wood breathes and thus regulates the micro climate of houses and apartments.

Wooden floating flooring provides quality thermal insulation of rooms and acoustic insulation – silencing.


Cork flooring

Cork flooring is very comfortable for walking thanks to the natural and inimitable flexibility of cork which provides for a unique comfort in movements. Even when you walk barefoot, you can feel
a comfortable and pleasant feel beneath your feet, the cork flooring is resistant to hard bumps which makes it a very resistant floor coverage and increases its useful life.



Skorting boards (with accessories)

Base boards complement the floor, whether they are made of MDF with foil, or wooden veneered boards or plastic boards. We supply the boards in various widths with various manner of fixing. Boards are complemented by components: endpoints, internal and external angles, connectors.

Floor sections

Floor sections transient, equalising, ending or stair sections are made of HDF material or aluminium, with the surface finish in wood appearance or anodised in silver, gold and bronze colours. The fixing system using fasteners or sections are self-adhesive or screwing.

Floor chemicals

German KIESEL products are popular thanks to their low consumption and excellent quality. We offer the following products: penetration products, self-levelling fillers, glues for all types of flooring, varnishes and other materials of this brand.
Underlay and insulation materials
Insulation plates under floating flooring, in respect of the criteria for the use of underfloor plates: reduction of footstep noise, reduction of the pass-through noise, thermal conductivity, permeability for water steam and pressure stability.

Plates are made of the following materials:
Mırelon – foam polyethylene
Hobra – fibreboard plates
Starlon – extruded polystyrene xps
Tuplex ® – plate made of two special foils with a layer of polystyrene granules in the middle, this structure prevents the penetration of moisture from the underlay to the floor and helps lead moisture away to borders of the floor and ventilate it.
PE Foil – as a vapour control layer

Floor maintenance

All products necessary for the floor maintenance are available under the ASKO brand. The offer includes as follows: spry mop in a set including the cleaner, concentrated or solution cleaner, regenerative oil, wood soap and other products.

Tools for floor laying