Construction timber


  • Roof battens – used as supporting structures for roof covering and for the building of air space between the roof structure and roof covering. Standard inventory on hand: 30×50; 40×50; 40×60 – with the lengths of 3 – 5 metres.
  • Lateral laths – laths not sorted by widths, or laths sorted by widths – sawn timber suitable for formwork, nailing of roof covers, auxiliary construction work.
  • Planks – wide range of uses in the construction industry, may be used for the manufacturing of supporting structures (roof structures, pergolas, terraces…). Standard inventory on hand: strength from 30 to 60 mm, lengths from 3 to 6 metres.
  • Balks – sawn timber intended for the construction of supporting structures – possibility of preparing sawn timber for the construction of the roof understructure in accordance with the extract from the project documentation.
  • Prismatic timber laths – central laths intended for further processing – e.g. planing.
  • All sawn timber (up to the length of 10 metres) may be impregnated in our own impregnation tubs, in brown Lignofix P impregnation substance.
  • All sawn timber product range may be documented by the conformity certificate, “CE” certificate and “PEFC” certificate.


  • Spruce battens, shortened to the exact length, artificially dried to the 18-20% humidity.