Our vision, mission and values


Our vision

Our goal is to be our customer‘s first choice and the reliable distributor and important supplier of products and services in the area of constructions and housing in Central Europe.


Our mission and goals

Asko a.s. is a place where decent and innovative people meet and make their lives more meaningful and valuable as they work together to satisfy needs of other people. In our case, we satisfy their need of housing.


Our values

  • We place emphasis on 100% fair and legal trade;
  • We support fair, responsible and respectful cooperation with our sales partners and we work on long-lasting relations of top quality with them;
  • We offer highly beneficial products and services for a reasonable price;
  • We promptly respond to the needs of our customers;
  • We ensure good working and creative conditions for our employees, we show respect to them and their work and we offer them options how to work on their professional development;
  • To our employees, we guarantee freedom of speech and opinion;
  • We feel great social responsibility for our local area, the society and business activities with respect to environment and renewable sources;
  • We improve our values and perpetually develop our company.