Corporate social responsibility

To us, social responsibility is an integral part of our company goals and values in order to balance our profit-making activities with activities that benefit society. We have blended social responsibility and economic aspects in our activities to develop business with a positive relation to the society in which we operate and to act in the best interests of our environment.

Here are our main four key areas:

Compliance with appropriate technical standards

Asko a.s. supports environmental sustainability in forests and agrees to observe and comply with requirements of the international PEFC standard as implemented under TD CFCS 2002:2013 – Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products.

Dodržování odpovědných podnikatelských postupů

Supporting education

By offering workplaces, we support students and graduates of schools and colleges that offer education in the industry of furniture manufacturing and wooden constructions, namely the Higher Professional School and the Secondary Technical School Volyně.

Investment into staff training and professional education.


Supporting non-profit organizations

Below, you can find some of the projects supported by Asko a.s.:

  • InBáze Berkat (Civic Association)
    We organize corporate and social events and use ethno-catering services of the Civic Association InBáze Berkat, photo. By using services provided by this Civic Association that came up with the unique idea of integrating migrants into the Czech society, Asko a.s. supports the migrants who come for areas badly affected by wars and who are in difficult life situations.
  • Klokánek
    For a number of years, our company Asko a.s. has been financial supporting Klokánek, the project Fond ohrožených dětí (Children in Danger Fund). This is a facility offering help and support to children who are in need of immediate help.
  • Tsunami
    Contribution of CZK 200,000 for the areas badly affected by tsunami.
  • Christmas presents for children living in the Children’s Home in Kašperské Hory
    Asko a.s. donated sport equipment for children living the Children’s Home in Kašperské Hory. In addition, our employees organized their own fund-raising campaign and purchased a digital camera and MP3 players for the money they have collected.
  • We support a nonprofit organization Malování Kreslení



Our attempt to minimize negative impact on environment

  • Recycling.
  • Promotion merchandise and items made of recycled material.